phase 01 : let's chat

•  initial meeting
•  client questionnaire
•  cost estimate
•  creative brief

In this stage of the process, we get to know each other a bit. It’s always important to make sure we’ll be a good team, and it’s always nice to know we’re starting out on the same page. First, I’ll send over a questionnaire that you’ll fill out with details about your project. This will tell me a little about your current branding situation, and it will give me some insight into your vision. This is also the stage where I’ll provide you an estimate for the cost of the project + a creative brief.




•  client approval of estimate + creative brief
•  first payment
•  project timeline

After you’ve seen the estimate and creative brief, you’ll just need to send me your approval, along with the first payment as outlined in the estimate. This will lock down a spot on my calendar. At this stage, we’ll collaborate on a project timeline that coordinates with both our schedules. This will help ensure timely delivery of designs (on my end) and feedback (on your end). From there, it’s off to the races!



PHASE 03 : get inspired

•  Collect inspiration

This is where the fun starts!

If this is a branding project:

As a supplement to your answers in the questionnaire, we will collaborate on a Pinterest board to set the tone of your new brand. I’m a very visual person (a good thing in this field!), so this inspiration will jump start my brain and help make sure your brand suits you well + fulfills your vision.

If this is a strictly web project:

Since you’ve already got an established brand, we’ll skip the Pinterest board. Instead, we’ll search for other websites that fit the style you envision and draw inspiration from there!



PHASE 04 : where the magic happens

•  design concepts
•  feedback + revisions

Now that we have decided on a solid direction, I’ll create some initial concepts (logo or web designs) and see what you think! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to give feedback, and I’ll use that info to make revisions until we’ve narrowed it down to one winning concept.


After you’ve approved the logo, I’ll use that design + inspiration from your Pinterest board to create two moodboards. These will include color schemes, fonts, and other design elements to give you an idea of how the look and feel of your new brand can be used in a variety of situations. Once again, we’ll go through some feedback and revision rounds, until you are happy with the final look!


The intial concepts I create will be based on the inspiration we’ve found, and we’ll revise and narrow things down until we’ve got a solid direction that you love. From there, I’ll get to work on building the site! We’ll go through more feedback and revision rounds, until everything looks and functions exactly as it should.

While the site is being built, I’ll design a temporary landing page in the style of your future website. This page will temporarily live at your URL while the site is being built.



PHASE 05 : the extras

•  print collateral (for full brand development package)
•  social media graphics (for web + social media package)
•  brand guidelines (for all branding packages)
•  Tutorial or how-to doc (for all web packages)

Depending on the project, this is when we’ll create any other collateral pieces or social media graphics that you’ve requested. At this point, you will really start to see your new brand and/or web presence come to life!




•  last minute tweaks
•  final payment(s)
•  file delivery or website launch

If there are any additional tweaks that need to be made, now is the time to make them. At this stage, you’ll do one final review on all the deliverables I’ve presented to make sure we’ve dotted all our i’s and crossed all our t’s. Proofreading is always a good idea here. Once I’ve got your final approval, that’s a wrap! You’ll just need to send in your final payment(s) as outlined in the estimate, and I’ll need to hand over the final files or launch the final website. Yay!



future : questions + Help

•  questions about your new brand or website
•  help making a change to your website
•  help using one of your logo or design files
•  questions on printing your collateral pieces
•  etc.

A project isn’t always finished when the files are delivered or the site is launched. I know that sometimes questions will arise, and when they do, I am more than happy to answer them! Feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call, and I’ll see what I can do to help.